Huszár ‐ Hussars
Hussars refers to light cavalry originated in Hungary in the 15th century. The first hussar regiments were part of the Black Army of Hunyadi Mátyás, Matthias Corvinus, king of Hungary.
Székelys or Seklers are Hungarian minorities linving in Romania. Traditionnaly, their duty was to secure the Eastern Hungarian borders. In many székely settlements military traditions are well preserved. The best known are the traditions of the XI. Székely Border Patrol Hussars Regiment. It was founded in 1764 by Maria Theresa, but in 1848, the Regiment joined the Hungarian Freedom fight.
Today, Hussars throughout Székelyföld revitalise the real values of the Hussars, such as integrity, courage and respect.
Their most important events are the Hussar Academies and Hussar Recruitements.